We’d Like to Display Your Classic Truck Project!

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Hey truck enthusiasts! Here at Southwest Classics, we’re all about helping you bring your classic rides back to life. Whether you’re restoring a vintage Chevy C10, Blazer, or decking out a classic Ford truck, we’ve got the parts and expertise to make it happen.

But we’re not just here to sell parts—we’re here to celebrate your projects and passion for classic trucks. We want to see your success stories! If you’ve swung by our store or installed parts you’ve snagged from us, we’d love to feature your pictures on our Facebook and Instagram pages. It’s our way of showcasing some of the awesome work our community does every day.

And hey, we know how frustrating those long shipping times and hefty charges from the big retailers can be. That’s why we keep a wide selection of high-quality parts right here in our store, ready and waiting for you. Give us a shout if you need anything, or swing by our shop in Arlington, TX. Let’s keep those classics rolling and looking their best together!

Reach out to us at 682-323-4812 or drop us a line at sales@swclassics.com. Let’s connect, share, and keep the love for classic trucks alive! #SouthwestClassics #Restoration #ShopLife #SheetMetal #Interior #Weatherstrip #Wiring #Trucks #Classics #C10s #ClassicFords #DFW

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