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Have you heard of the Dakota Digital RTX series? This is what you want when you are looking for those great late-model features for your dash but want it to still have that stock look. OEM design elements (from layout and styling to indicator) may make people think these are original elements at first glance… but don’t be fooled!

Watch the video to know the secrets the RTX is hiding:

Using CNC machining for the housing, Digital Dakota products are filled with electronics designed & built in-house. Any information needed can be configured and displayed on the hi-def TFT message centers, and the RTX products use a central control box for easier installation & setup.

Southwest Classics carries a full range of Dakota Digital dashboard (RTX, VHX and more) products for classic Chevy Pickups, Blazer & Suburbans and Ford Pickups. We also offer installation of Dakota Digital products in our shop by techs that are highly trained with years of experience in Classic Truck Builds. See all of our Dakota Digital products.

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